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Tuckpointing and Masonry Repair 

Tuckpointing is the expertise of repairing damaged mortar within any masonry building. If you have a structure where the mortar is coming loose and decaying, Warnecke Building Restoration Inc. has the expertise to repair it completely, safely, and cleanly.

At Warnecke Building Restoration Inc., we emphasize the importance of mortar removal by utilizing the proper tools and grinding methods to achieve sufficient depth for the new mortar that is to be applied. We utilize a dust collection system during the mortar removal process to minimize as much dust as possible. This will keep the jobsite cleaner and provide a safer working environment for our workers and the general public.

Careful Attention to Safety and Historical Detail

  • Properly trained personnel to safely use all tools for the mortar removal process
  • Using the correct mortar types and mixes for each specific job — we will evaluate the substrate in your building (brick, block, stone, etc.) and restore your building using the proper mortar type
  • Complete removal of any residual mortar dust or debris from the mortar joints, prior to the tuckpointing process, to assure sufficient bond and proper sealing of each joint
  • Repoint all areas making sure each joint is compacted with new mortar and tooled to a smooth, neat appearance
  • Mortar color matching — all steps taken to thoroughly match any mortar colors to keep within the historical integrity of each structure
  • c. Proper cleaning of all repair areas leaving them free of mortar stains or smears that may occur during the tuckpointing process
  • Jobsite cleanup — we are extremely thorough in our jobsite cleanup process and when our jobs are complete, our customers often proclaim the area is cleaner than it was before the start of the project

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